mars conjunct venus in aries !!...

topic posted Fri, September 1, 2006 - 8:52 AM by  Daniel
i know that the conjunction itself is one of a highly sexual and energetic nature but to also have this aspect in the sign of aries must enhance thier qualities quite a lot. any one with this aspect or can shed some light on what it says about the person??
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    Sun, September 3, 2006 - 5:57 PM
    My ex-wife has Venus conjunct Mars in Aries.

    I remember one of the things that first made me notice her as more than an acquaintence. I was a freshman at college, and she was a high school senior at the school right near the college. We were sitting on the wall around the edge of the campus (a very common place to sit there), and I said something (I don't remember what), but she just threw herself at me and hugged me out of nowhere. The spontaneousness was so wonderful, and I did not mind in the least that she was being assertive.

    She was very passionate, and not shy about showing it, even moreso when we became intimately involved.

    But Mars dominated her Venus. It was difficult for her to NOT take the initiative. And in many other ways, Venus was always coming across in Martian ways...her tastes in food and music, for instance.

    And one of the downsides of the Aries Venus was that when she became sure she had me, the conquering was over, and boredom with the relationship began to set in.

    I've seen a male with this aspect have a similar experience. He loves to feel there is a challenge when it comes to his partner. If he 'conquers' her heart completely, his interest can wane. But if she is never completely conquered.....if she retains some independence......then there is always more challenge to him, and he can stay with her. He needs a woman with spirit, with fire, much moreso than just a Venus in Aries alone needs.
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      Tue, September 5, 2006 - 5:14 AM
      wow, very interesting story and summary of such people!

      I can really relate to that - about craving an endless stream of passion, challenge and stimulation from the partner and from the rerlationship as a whole :>)
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        Sat, December 30, 2006 - 11:00 AM
        I have venus/mars/mercury in triple conjunction in aries.
        What was said is true for me too.

        I don't have much patience, but there is a certain leadership-quality, as I am often the one to say "let's go" and motivate others.
        Sticking to a certain activity for a longer time is hard for me, because my energy runs out quickly.
        As for relationships, I used to have lots of affairs that started out "at first sight" but didn't last.
        I am aroused rather quickly and can be spontaneously in love for 5 minutes. Men making a pass at me make me feel like a victim, so I prefer being the active part in flirting. My love life got better after I realized the importance of remaining "passive" sometimes. As for sex, I actually had men complaining because my libido was bigger than theirs. I am very honest in speech, some people find this offensive.

        I think the difficult thing with aries is that it's hard to understand why people are overthrown, offended or even hurt by your actions, when you feel like all you did is being natural. Becoming aware of this helped me a lot.
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          Thu, February 22, 2007 - 3:03 AM
          I have the thing, mars/merc/venus conjunct in aries.
          it's rough. especially as a gentle, passive pisces with cap moon. makes everything hard in the love arena. I'm trying to balance my passive nature with my strong aries energy burning in that area. also in the 7th house of partnerships. my lilith is also aries. talk about repressed firey passion. and it comes out in a very vengeful way if I surpress it too much. I'm still trying to learn to let it loose while also keeping it under control. my capricorn moon demands control so that it doesn't hurt my poor pisces soul. hah. oh the complications.
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          Tue, September 13, 2011 - 11:41 PM
          I have htis same combination, in my first house, opposite Pluto in Libra.

          Yes, I relate to feeling vicitmized by flirtations !

          I am so sick of people thinking it's some huge compliment or 'natural'. I have always felt like Clint Eastwood trapped in a little baby doll's body- not as sexy as it sounds, fella's, that's the point- I AM a man, by society's expectations of action and energy.I must have been a real womanizing a**hole of a man in my past life for this to be my punishment !

          I am not emotionally/psychologically 'cute' and, like Mars/Venus combined, I get bored very easily. With Mercury in there too, I get bored even faster- bored with romance, bored with sex,bored with the conversations. So, a dumb lug 'coming on' to me is not my idea of a fun time- and guess what ? They're all dumb lugs because they think I'm coyly sitting around waiting for them to come and get me !

          I'm the actor,the seeker and the watcher not the pretty little reward! Learn it and remember it ! >:r
          Sometimes I think the post 70's generations of males have spent too much time playing 'Legends of Zelda'- they think we're all the top level winning reward that they're entitled to.
          ( am I sounding Marsian or Plutonian enough, yet ? )
          I think my Pisces ascendant attracts that kind of attention even more, and as I have recently learned, so does my Venus-Pluto opposition.
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    Tue, February 6, 2007 - 3:12 PM
    Mars conjunct Venus in Aries in 2nd house. I do love beautiful things, especially art. I love to drive fast, like race car driver fast.

    As far as sexual energy goes...yes I believe the conjunction in Aries lends its hand to a high level of sexual energy. I think it can be both good and bad. Sometimes impatience ruins the mood and Mars is soooo impatient! Other than that, I think it is a wonderful placement to have!
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    Thu, January 10, 2008 - 6:55 AM
    A good friend of mine has it.

    I believe Aries is in Detriment in Venus (opposite of traditional ruler in Libra) and Mars is pleased, as it is the natural ruler of Aries. Thus, I feel like the Venus-aspects get over-shadowed by a strong need to carry out one's impulses, what makes one excited, what is fun. My friend has never been with anyone, but he loves chasing girls and is whole heartedly content with one night stands (Im not saying everyone is like this). He often speaks of hoping to never change, even in adult age.

    He shuns responsibility and seems pretty oblivious to the idea of holding one's passions for another. I can tell he gets bored of lovers. He is extremely charming though, and really exciting so its easy to see why girls are immediately drawn to him. Unfortunately, I think he breaks a lot of hearts.

    heres something I read

    "Aries energy is completely ignorant that there are other people in the world. Aries is the most focused, direct, and above all, self-centered energy in the entire Zodiac. Small wonder that when Venus is in Aries, it worries about how well it is relating to others! Venus in Aries approaches relationships from the perspective of the individual, and must learn how to take others into account."
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      Fri, January 11, 2008 - 12:31 PM
      I have Mars, Venus and Merc all conjunct in Aries 10th (or 10 and 11 on Placidus) and it has a pretty wierd effect on me. I do tend to start and not finish things in terms of in the workplace and making friends. I love the "meeting new people" part but I've been called out many times on how lax I am with communicating with the friends I do have or keeping the energy going once I've already "won" a new person as a friend. I'm not too self-centered in relationships because, I think, of my Libra Moon but Jill I have a friend with the same placement who is exactly like you describe your friend. I also heard Venus doesn't like it in Aries, but for me Venus just acts out in Aries in its own way. Like, I feel like my Venus in Aries can be almost as sexually rambunctious as Mars in Scorpio.

      I find that with all 3 planets conjunct, that sometimes they bump heads. Like sometimes Mars steps on Venus's feet and Mercury trips up Mars. It's like 3 people crammed in an elevator!
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    Sun, January 13, 2008 - 4:21 PM
    I've had an astrologer tell me that Mars conjunct Venus, in any sign is a person who does not feel the "need" to be in a relationship. If they are in one, it is because they choose to, but are okay with or with out one.
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    Thu, June 5, 2008 - 2:36 AM
    I've got the conjunction, actually it's a stellium, sun conjunct venus and mars in the 7th, they are all opposed by pluto... yes, definetly boredom once the "conquest" is over, may it be a job, a friend, a lover, anything.
    I'm also slowly learning how to be more passive sexually and how to respond to various situations when dating, but it's really all or nothing, i'm either not interested or chasing the man untill he runs home to mommy :) I think the exact opposition to Pluto in 1st gives a scorpionic flavor...
    Also, i remember I read somewhere that men with this combination tend to be premature, um, in finishing the sexual intercourse. It definitly gives a love (venus) for fast (aries) sex (mars) :)